American partners donated a Computer Tomography Scan to V. Sanikidze War Veterans Clinical Hospital

Major General Koba Kobaladze, Director of the State Service of Veteran Affairs, together with the US Military Attaché, Colonel Joseph Bilbo, paid a visit to V. Sanikidze War Veterans Clinical Hospital. Joseph Bilbo, together with Major Daniel Sekula, Bilateral Relations Officer of the United States European Command Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC), congratulated the hospital staff and Georgian veterans on Veteran's Day, toured the hospital and donated a Computer Tomography  scan under the humanitarian assistance of the United States European Command Office of Defense Cooperation; within the framework of humanitarian assistance, the United States European Command Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC), provided the Veterans Hospital with the latest model medical equipment in line with modern standards.  At the first stage, the United States European Command Office of Defense Cooperation donated an ultrasound machine, an endoscopic and cardiac loading devices in 2021. It should be noted that the assistance provided by the American partners in equipping V. Sanikidze War Veterans Clinical Hospital with modern standard equipment, in total, reaches a million GEL.

Today, V. Sanikidze War Veterans Clinical Hospital was congratulated by the “Wounded Veterans Support Fund” and presented with a Computer Tomography contrast injector.

Koba Kobaladze together with the director of V. Sanikidze Veterans ClinicalHospital, Amur Revishvili, thanked the guests for their cooperation.

The meeting was also attended by Nikoloz Kvezereli, first deputy director of the State Service of Veterans Affairs, Jandri Ubiria, advisor to the director advisor, Vladimir Imnadze, and Lika Metreveli, the head of public relations service of the “Wounded Veterans Support Fund”.

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