War Children of Ukrainian soldiers are paying their visit to Georgia

On October 31, 2022, the war children of the soldiers who died and fought in the Russian-Ukrainian war paid a visit to Georgia along with their mothers at the invitation of Tornike Berekashvili, Consul General in the District of Odesa. Beka Odisharia, the chairperson of The Diaspora and Caucasus Issues Committee, will take care of the organizational issues of the visit of Ukrainian guests to our country and the fulfilment of the program specially prepared for them.

On November 1, Ukrainian guests visited Batumi. With the support of the City Hall of Batumi and the assistance of the State Service of Veteran Affairs, they explored Batumi Botanical Garden, Batumi Boulevard and Dolphinarium. After that, a dinner organized by the State Service of Veteran Affairs was served to honor the guests. The guests left for Tbilisi yesterday evening.

The delegation of Ukrainian guests consists of 30 members and will spend 10 days in Georgia. Within the framework of the visit, various events are planned for them - entertainment and educational tours throughout the country, in which the State Service of Veteran Affairs will be actively involved. As a part of the visit, it is also scheduled to invite them to the head office of the State Service of Veteran Affairs, where they will meet Georgian veterans.

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War Children of Ukrainian soldiers are paying their visit to Georgia
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